X-Wing : Welcome to the party, Pal

You may remember last year that I posted a blog entry about the X-Wing Miniatures Game, and how I was going to stick with the Titanium Die-Cast range of models that I had collected…

…well, 6 months, and many conversations, later I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase the FFG game – especially since the BookDepository was selling it (releatively) cheap.

IMG00151-20130424-2158 (640x483)Well, I got to play it last night, had a tremendous amount of fun and now wondered why I waited for so long.

We played two games last night, with me playing the lone rebel X-Wing pilot on both occasions. The first time, we playd the ‘quick start’ rules, the second the ‘full’ game.

To be honest, I really wouldn’t bother with the ‘Quick Start’ rules – whilst they give some flavour of the game, the ‘Full’ rules are much, much better. The gamelay was no doubt enhanced by the playmat that we were using, but this game, at least on initial impressions, is more than I hoped it would be and nothing like I feared. It’s fast, exciting and gives a lot of tactical challenges – even with the very limited number of ships we were using last night (the basic 3-ship game straight out of the box)

Of course, I do have more ships available, so I’ll slowly be increasing the size of the the dogfights – ultimately, I want to look at recreating the sorts of missions that I enjoyed playing back in the days of the X-Wing computer game.

The Wave 3 ships are being announced by Fantasy Flight Games next weekend – here’s hoping for a TIE Bomber, B-Wing and an Imperial Shuttle…

1 Comment on X-Wing : Welcome to the party, Pal

  1. herodotus425bc // April 25, 2013 at 12:10 // Reply

    X-Wing is a great little game ,the price is a little high but the pre paints are prob the best iv seen .it is also self contained and requires little effort to get a game going .friend has a load of stuff for X-Wing ,i think getting to play a decent sized game and seeing the pre paints is whats got me thinking about picking it up.and that’s coming from somebody who couldn’t care less about star wars after the films which shall not be named .

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