View from the Veranda – Episode 11 published

Over on the View from the Veranda website, I have just published episode 11 of this occasional podcast.

Henry & I recently got together for our usual discussion on all things wargaming. We primarily discuss the recent Miniature Wargames magazine relaunch, and talk about some immediate feedback, as well as the recent Salute 2013 at Excel, London.

As usual, our conversation digresses at several points…

You can download the show here, or it will be available on iTunes.

4 Comments on View from the Veranda – Episode 11 published

  1. I am glad you changed the topic to Salute Neil. I was going bonkers listening to magazine advertising and font colours etc.

    • Paul, I totally agree. I live in the USA, I don’t read print magazines, and I just fast forwarded until they were done with that topic.

      I did like the 10mm vs larger scale painting discussion, though.

  2. herodotus425bc // May 20, 2013 at 09:33 // Reply

    “our usual discussion on all things wargaming” sorry but this show has kinda turned into a massive ad for what Henry is at (ie plugging his own work for what feels like 60% of the show)with some war-gaming related stuff tacked onto the end.its a far cry from the earlier shows. which had a proper topic and point to them.

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    Sorry that you were evidently disappointed with the show, but the fact is that first of all, I do sponsor it and secondly, in case you hadn’t noticed, a great deal has happened in my work and wargaming (the two are really inseparable) life in recent months that both Neil and I wanted to talk about. More than that, I have received a huge number of emails, online messages and face-to-face enquiries about what’s been going on, so the podcast seemed like a good opportunity to bring as many people as possible up to speed. Yes, people have even asked me to explain the design changes, so I did.

    Inevitably, this led to a lengthy discussion about the merger of Battlegames with Miniature Wargames and all that involves, not forgetting that Neil is a regular columnist. However, now the dust has settled and the routine of production has taken over, I very much doubt that we’ll be saying much more about that other than in passing, or if a particularly interesting topic crops up in the magazine, so normal service will be resumed forthwith.

    Neil and I do take feedback seriously and we are always thinking about ways to improve the podcast, but the nature of VftV is that it is a rambling, sometimes apparently incoherent beast, only produced occasionally, and that means that some love it and some hate it. C’est la vie. It is what it is, and since we don’t earn a bean from doing it (and Neil is an absolute saint producing it on top of all his other responsibilities), it’s going to stay that way.

    Of course, we are most keen to cover the subject of points systems, which we have inexplicably failed to do so far, a situation we shall correct at the earliest opportunity.

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