Magnetic MDF Madness

As you are no doubt aware, you cannot move around any wargames hobby new-site for more than a few clicks without running across a new kickstarter project. Some are good, some not so much – this one is jaw-dropping – no, really!

T.J.H. Models are running a Kickstarter for laser-cut MDF terrain. Nothing new there, you might say – there are plenty of terrain kickstarters around at the moment.

However, I haven’t seen a system quite like this one. Yes, there are several MDF systems for creating sci-fi gantries and rooms and corridors on gaming tables, but how cool are these!? (Watch the video to the end – the finishing touches are worth seeing)

Certainly these are not cheap pieces of terrain, and the number of pledge options available on the Kickstarter is, quite frankly, somewhat baffling due to the sheer amount of choice available. However, it’s a brilliant concept, well implemented and this guys deserves to do well.

5 Comments on Magnetic MDF Madness

  1. I really like the look of these but there’s no way I can justify the cost. To get any sort of decent sized layout you’re looking at a minimum of £150-£200.

    • Yes, that is the only problem – though I suppose that buying several MDF or resin buildings for the average table layout in 28mm would equate to a similar(ish) sort of investment

      • Bovril // May 2, 2013 at 14:04 //

        That’s a fair point. It could be a potential club investment, especially if you were running a Necromunda campaign or something…

      • At the same time, you can usually stagger purchases for 28mm buildings, whereas with this, you would have to purchase it all in one go.

  2. It would be a bit too expensive for most individuals, but I could see active gaming clubs, especially if tied to a store, where it would be worth it. If you were a store owner and wanted to bring people into the store it would be very worthwhile. Maybe even allowing a sort of rental option for players to take to shows.

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