Oathsworn Kickstarter in it’s last few days

If you like f1e06c09323ddf6749adc2d16b0a303a_largeDwarfs (and who in their right-mind doesn’t?) and you haven’t seen it already, you should take a look at the Oathsworn Kickstarter project, being run by sculptor Michael Lovejoy.

This project is quite limited in scale, and is currently looking at producing a range of 10 Dwarf character figures (available for £32) plus an additional 6 figures, available to purchase seperately for £3 apiece – a very reasonable price for models such as these.

The Dwarfs are similar in scale to those produced by Games Workshop, and should fit in well with models of that collection. However, the group would make a great warband on it’s own for games such as Song of Blades and Heroes.

The kickstarter is due to finish on Monday the 6th May, so make sure you have a look before the weekend is over…


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