Sci-Fi Scenery Sanity-Check

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s possible to get a little carried away on Kickstarter projects…

Deadzone ContagionNow, as I’m sure you are aware, Mantic Games currently have a Kickstarter project running for their Deadzone game, which now also includes the launch of a new range of hard-plastic sci-fi scenery – all very nice and some interesting looks stuff there.

I like the quick-play aspect of the rules, and the zone movement (and the de-luxe gaming mats do look gorgeous) and so I currently pledged for this game. I was considering how much scenery I needed – especially if I was going to play on a 4′ x 4′ area (did I mention that I’d pledged for 4 gaming mats? No?) Mantic have put together a series of scenery pledges which essentially say “this scenery will give you enough building to cover X area”.

But before I did this I had a thought…I used to play a lot of Necromunda, and bought a whole load of extra scenery sprues for the game. Had I still got them?

One trip to the back of the shed later, I found all the ‘spare’ sprues I had collected.


Err…this was slightly more than what I remembered buying.

The figure is a 28mm Norman, just to give a sense of scale...

The figure is a 28mm Norman, just to give a sense of scale…

I also found a couple of W40K ‘Battlefield Accesory’ packs, plus several A4 sheets of plastic card, so I guess the answer as to whether I need any more sci-fi scenery or not is a resounding ‘No’.

Funnily enough, the plastic bulkheads from Necromunda just happen to be 3″ wide – the same size as the grid squares on the gaming mat for Deadzone. Whilst the gothic windows might not fit into many other sci-fi backgrounds (nothing a plastic card insert won’t fix) everything else would seem to be ideal for using with Deadzone, and loads of other games for that matter. I’d stuck several of these bulkheads together into 2-high and 3-high towers for the card scenery from Necromunda, so I may need to break some of these down – hopefully aging of the plastic glue will help me separate these.

So, except for the need to purchase some more plastic card, plus some accessories like barriers, roof air fans and hatches (Antenociti’s Workshop, Scotia Grendel or Ainsty Castings do lots of these), I think that my sci-fi scenery may well be sorted, and I don’t have to add any more to my KS pledge with Mantic. Result!

It’s amazing what you can find in the shed…

6 Comments on Sci-Fi Scenery Sanity-Check

  1. So when people say they have “shed loads of wargames stuff” it just happens to be true in your case, Neil.

  2. moocifer // May 10, 2013 at 13:17 // Reply

    Haha nice find.

    I’m currently a DZ backer .. but I’m thinking realistically that with too little time (to play or paint) and also money, that I should resist the “new & shiny”, which I admit would have been impossible 20+ years ago, even if it is a fantastic product / bargain and stick to the few areas I really enjoy, all the time, including when they’re not flavour of the month and in the spotlight.

  3. Have to admit, I’m currently a backer for DZ, but giving thought to… y’know… not being.

    • I know what you mean Mike.

      At this point in time, I like the rules, love the De-Luxe mats, and the scenery is quite nice (although, as noted above, I don’t need too much of it). The figures are somewhat hoo-hum – I like the Enforcers, and the Rebels aren’t bad, but nothing else really inspires me, and I’m probably looking at converting the rules to work with my existing sci-fi figures rather than buying into the Warpath universe…

  4. I don’t really need that terrain, I dug up my old conflix scenery (discovering I still had some sprues left to cut out) for the alpha rules and I can easily fill a 2 by 2 table. I don’t really need that terrain…
    But it looks so much nicer, and there is already a bunch in the strike package 🙂

    We all know where this will end, don’t we?

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