More Sci-Fi scenery…

Following my recent discovery of more Necromunda bulkheads than I could ever remember buying, I decided to have a root around in the spare room to see if I had anything else useful, and came across this little pile of goodies…


Robogear was a range of products that Airfix was marketing several years ago. The kits are from a Russian company, I believe, and are plastic. They have a lot of snap-together components.

As well as these two box sets, I have a couple of extra sets from ‘Battle Boxes’ for the game

Whilst the scenery itself is not the greatest quality (not the best plastic in the world) the sets should provide enough walkways, barriers and ladders to complement my other scenery discoveries well. What is more, several of the floor pieces have moulded hatches on them, so this means that I shouldn’t need to buy these separately.

It’s all coming together nicely. The next job is to put some together, and also order some scenery add-ons from Antenocitis Workshop.

2 Comments on More Sci-Fi scenery…

  1. I’ve got a few of these sets and was pretty impressed. Because they are snap on you can reconfigure them in a number of ways, and even put mutliple sets together to create larger structures. I’m currently using them to fill up my Necromunda board.

    One thing to note is the price, the small hexagon and platformer sets are very reasonable compared to a lot of other scenery pieces.

    Another set I’ve found is called Syberclicks, very similar and also quite reasonably priced. The only stockist I found that has all three is Wayland Games. You can get the small sets of Hexagon (£10.90) and Platformer (£7.55) as well as the Syberclicks set (£14.05). Well worth checking out.

  2. Ah yes, those sets. I got the small and the large Platformer set last year because I planned to get a nice collection of 28mm sci fi terrain for skimirsh games.

    Here’s my own review of the small set if you’re interested:

    The downside to that snap-fit approach is that you end up with some “wobbly” parts. I’m not sure if you can make reasonable gaming tables from these sets alone (the Hexagon one looks a bit more stable and it lets you create more actually LOS-blocking parts) but they’re great as a cheap way for bulking out your terrain pieces.

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