Deadzone Beta rules released

Deadzone ContagionMantic have just released the Beta rules of Deadzone for play & comment.

The main change to the game is the turn sequence. Rather than I-Go-U-Go, there is now an alternate activation mechanic in place.

The game now has two phases, a Round, and a Turn. A Round consists of a number of Turns. In each turn, each player can take actions with a certain number of models, up to a maximum of the Command Value of the most senior model in his force. Play then passes to the opponent, who does the same, until all the models on the board hav been activated.

In this way, it allows a number of models to act in conjunction with each other, whilst at the same time not allowing a player to move his entire force at once, this introducing some more tactical options. However, since during a Round, all the models on the board have to move,the ‘Cheerleader’effect when using limited model activation is avoided (something it would seem Jake was keen to do).

This change is certainly better than I-Go-U-Go, at least in my opinion, but I think that the current allocated command stats may still need a tweak.

That is the major change – other than that, the rules have been tightened in a couple of areas, and had extra clarification added. I’m looking forward to playing these in the coming days.


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