Kitbashing Mechs

RoboGear-Battle-SetSeveral years ago, I picked up a starter set and several kits for Robogear, a sci-fi skirmish game from Russia with snap-together plastic kits.

I’m currently starting to clear out my model collection, and this seemed like a good place to start as most of the models are of, err, ‘questionable’ use, shall we say – many of them are very cartoon-like.

So, the idea was to grab all the weapons for my bits box, and see what else I could use. In all the kits, there are actually a couple of mechs which are useful. The first is the Locust:

Robogear 'Locust' Mech, with a GW Space Marine for scale

Robogear ‘Locust’ Mech, with a GW Space Marine for scale

This is the ‘standard’ build for the kit – well, almost – I’ve added the dual machine-guns under the cockpit, but you will see why shortly. The Locust isn’t a bad-looking mech, and I was considering the possibility of ordering a couple of others so that I could have a 3-mech squad, but I’m not sure if I wanted to pay even £5 each plus postage from Russia. I did, however, discover an alternative

werewolf_box-700x700The Robogear starter kit contains a couple of kits which I could convert. The first was the ‘Werewolf’ mech, which looks generally a bit silly, but has a perfectly serviceable set of legs.

robogear-spiderThe second is the ‘Spider’, which is an all-terrain weapons platform. Actually, one of the better kits from Robogear, but the cockpit of this vehicle almost exactly the same as the cockpit for the ‘Locust’.

So, I grabbed the legs, hip joint and weapon arms from the ‘Werewolf’, the cockpit from the ‘Spider’ and added some spare weapons from several of the other kits to come up with the mechs below:


I don’t these are a bad match for the original ‘Locust’, almost a Mk I model, if you turn the Locust into a Mk II. Notice the machine guns? These are a standard fit on the ‘Spider’ kit, I thought they fitted the fluff nicely as point defence against infantry, so I found a spare set and added them to the original Locust kit.

However, there is one vehicle in the Robogear range that is not only really useful, but is I’d actually go as far to say that it is a great looking mech – the T-Rex.

I don’t know why other kits in the Robogear range don’t follow this design, this is a really good looking vehicle, and I actually have 3 of these (hence my desire to get 3 ‘Locusts’ to match). The model above is the ‘Standard’ kit, but then I replaced the missile launchers with a couple of different weapon options, taken from various weapons from the other vehicles in the range.

This picture also shows off the other beauty of this kit – because it’s snap-together, all the joints are fully mobile, which means the mech is fully poseable. You can create some great poses with this model, whether striding across the battlefield, or crouching down to find a target. Of all the Robogear kits, the T-Rex is the one I would recommend – I think it’s one of the best looking 28mm mechs that you can buy.

I’m looking at adding these into an expanded ‘Deadzone’ style game – the ‘fluff’ of mechs means that they perhaps fit into a tight urban environment better than tanks, and these models also have a footprint that fits within a 3″ square. Hopefully these will look even better once I’ve sorted out the colour scheme.

2 Comments on Kitbashing Mechs

  1. these look nice, cant wait to see them painted

  2. What is the history of these Robogear products by Airfix? They look fine and no doubt are a lot cheaper than many other systems like Mechs or Deadzone. Although Airfix got many of us started in wargaming with their soft plastic figures they have never really tackled the wargames market. They could have been as large as GW given their fantastic brand image. Did they decide not to go down the wargames route or has it simply passed them by?

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