Charity painting marathon – 17th – 18th August 2013

Stuart McCorquodale from Great Escape Games is running a 24-hour painting marathon for Save the Children in Cardiff on the weekend of the 17th-18th August and Mike Hobbs (occasional co-host of the show and all round nice chap) has agreed to take part in the event. the idea is to paint various armies and sell them off to raise some cash, plus individuals will be painting their own miniature figures for sponsorship pledges. They are attempting to raise £500 to help this charity in its fine work.

Great Escape Games have donated a WWII British infantry platoon, which members of the Cardiff wargames club will be painting whilst Mike has volunteered to paint up a Pagan Rus army for Saga singlehanded (Saga army donated by Gripping Beast)

Both these armies will be auctioned off afterwards to raise more funds

How people can help; either sponsor the event via the justgiving site, or sign up and take part in the event and raise sponsorship yourself or wait and bid on the auctions

Facebook page

Justgiving page

Charity page

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