A couple of interesting TV programmes on BBC4

Spotted a couple of TV programmes shown on BBC4 this week which may be of interest to people.

The first is King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons, the first of a three part series by historian Michael Wood on the story of King Alfred the Great, his children and grandson. You can find it on BBC I-Player

The second program, funnily enough immediately after the previous one, is a repeat  of Peter & Dan Snow’s 20th Century Battlefields series. This one is on Stalingrad. OK, these programs are ‘history for the masses’ and may not appeal to everyone (am I the only one bothered that they do not use the correct infantry and tanks in their computer simulated maps?) but it’s got some interesting bits and pieces in it. Again, this is available on BBC I-Player. However, those so inclined may also be able to find this episode on a popular video-sharing website

Sorry, but BBC I-Player is only available to UK residents…

2 Comments on A couple of interesting TV programmes on BBC4

  1. I’m in the USA. I watched all the 20th Century Battlefields when they aired here. Recently I re-watched them on “a popular video sharing website” and they were the UK versions with 15 minutes more footage! Very nice.

    Then I found their Battlefield Britain series, and watched that. Good stuff, especially as I am just now getting into SAGA.

    A quick search reveals that King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons is available for streaming, also. I’ll check it out when I get home from work.

    Thanks Neil!

  2. On a slightly different tack but ‘The Making of King Arthur’ by Simon Armitage is also currently available on iPlayer:


    I love Kng Arthur, BBC 4 and Mr Armitage so I’m biased but it’s definitely worth a gander.

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