Really interesting post on the TFL blog about weapon ranges


Continuing the build-up to the release of Chain of Command, today Richard Clarke discusses his philosophy on weapons ranges.

The most interesting part of this discussion is when Richard talks about an e-mail he received following a WWII scenario he wrote for Miniature Wargames, when a reader complained that the scenario didn’t work for the rules he was using because everything was out of weapons range…

…and yet the scenario was taken from a British Army 1944 Battle Drill manual.

I can take an educated guess as to which WW2 ruleset the reader was using.

I could imagine a Pratchett-like quote regarding this issue should the question be raised on the rules forum : “In instances such as this, we find it is reality that is in error

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m firmly in the camp of ‘realistic’ weapons ranges – it’s one of the reasons why I like games such as Chain of Command, Force on Force and Tomorrow’s War so much…

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  1. It’s noticeable that what are probably the two most popular WWII rules available at the moment (Flames of War and Bolt Action) feature weapons ranges that are so seriously out of whack (with each other and with unit frontages) that many types of weapons just can’t perform their historical function.

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