New 2-Player Starter box set for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames

DZ 2 player box frontHawk Wargames have announced in their latest newsletter that they are releasing a 2-player starter box set for their Dropzone Commander game.

DZC was launched last year, to generally good reviews but with a product line of resin models which were certainly at the more expensive end of the price bracket.

DZ 2 player box back

In their latest launch the models in the starter set will not be resin, but injection moulded plastic, which suddenly makes the game much more affordable. Indeed, the box set, which will include starter armies for USMC and Scourge, plus 10 buildings from their cityscape pack and the new 1.1 revised core rulebook will retail for a mere £60 – a huge bargain price.

The box set is due for release on 28th September, and you can currently pre-order the starter box set from the Hawk Wargames website.

The price of models for this game was probably the last obstacle preventing me from getting into this game, especially after the release of the excellent Cityscape terrain box at Salute. As far as I can see, this box set is a must.

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