Chain of Command released today

CoC-Cover-FinalFinally, after what seems like months of waiting, Chain of Command, the new World War II platoon-level skirmish rules from Too Fat Lardies is released today.

I’m currently impatiently waiting for my pre-ordered tablet-edition of the rules to drop into my e-mail inbox, but you can get your PDF immediately, should you so wish. There are still a couple of bundle deals available from the TFL website, but the tokens and jump-off markers are now also available individually.

Anyone who has read this blog or listened to the podcast will know that I think these are the best World War II skirmish rules out there.

I can also see them being easily adaptable for other modern conflicts, or even Sci-Fi, as the game is all about small unit tactics, not about how big you gun is.

It’s an excellent game – do yourself a favour and get a copy.

7 Comments on Chain of Command released today

  1. David Mathieson // August 21, 2013 at 08:36 // Reply

    Likewise my mail inbox is eagerly awaiting the tablet version hopefully by the postman in the next few days with the hard copy, tokens and the dice!!!

  2. Woke up to find my PDF version sitting in my inbox this morning. Been looking forward to this since I had the opportunity to play it at Salute. Just need to finish off painting up some Brits and Germans…

  3. Found the CoC pdf in my inbox after coming home from work. The production is superb & after a brief read through seems easy to follow & a good read. I am eagerly awaiting the tablet version!
    An interesting point in the rules is that although the model scale may change 28mm – 20mm – 15mm, 12″ = 40 yards stays consistent. 10mm & 6mm minis, call the inch measurements centimetres – 12cm = 40 metres. This is very convenient for the gamer who dabbles in a variety of scales or has mates who may play another scale. I’ve mumbled enough.

  4. I just got an email from RIchard Clarke. I had specified the tablet version.

    “… Unfortunately we have had a few issues which have caused a delay, but we look like being able to overcome them today and get the tablet version to you. By way of an apology, please find attached the PDF version of the rules…”

    That’s fine with me. Great customer service, considering it’s around 5am in the UK right now.

    • David,

      Same here. On checking the TFL Yahoo group it seems that Nick was supposed to put the finishing touches to the ‘Tablet Edition’ early yesterday evening, but ended up in hospital with his father instead.

      Real life scuppers the best laid plans, so not only kudos to Rich for being up half the night sending out replacement PDFs as compensation, but very best wishes to Nick and his family at what I am sure is a very concerning time.


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