Donald Featherstone: 1918 – 2013

hqdefault As was widely reported across the internet yesterday, Donald Featherstone; seen as one of the founding fathers of the Wargames Hobby, has sadly passed away.

‘Legacy‘ has become something of an overused word in the UK recently. However, with regard to Mr. Featherstone, I think it can be safely said that his legacy is huge.

I am another of those ‘gamers of a certain age’ who found access to the wargames hobby via the books of Donald Featherstone and Charles Grant at the local library. His ideas and sheer communicated enthusiasm for the hobby helped shaped my early years in wargaming.

What is more, there are tens of thousands (if not more) gamers out there playing the likes of Warhammer 40K, Warmachine or Flames of War who have never heard of Donald Featherstone, but who would not be playing the games that they are if he had not written the books that he did.

Many more informed and more eloquent words have been written about the life and work of Mr Featherstone in the last 24 hours. My one thought is this:

A life that impacted many thousands of others and brought them the joy of a great hobby; that is Donald Fetherstone’s legacy, and one that he should be remembered for.

1 Comment on Donald Featherstone: 1918 – 2013

  1. A legend, I owe him so much, spoke to him once and thanked him for all he did for me and the hobby.

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