Kickstarter Updates…Battle Systems, AvP, Sulphur, War & Empire and Ex-Illis

482eff9633a2ae34ea81766c2401c785_largeBattle System

After a hectic first few days, the Battle System Sci-Fi Modular Terrain project appears to be settling down with a steady stream of backers. It has already reached over 3 times it’s funding goal, and has over 600 backers.

There is still a very long way to go with this KS, and the developers have been very active on the comments, discussing ideas for many more additions to the range of terrain that they are offering. At the same time, they are trying to be realistic. The impression is that this is going to be a well run KS campaign

Prodos to launch AvP via Kickstarter on 8th November

wt0xProdos have been running a teaser campaign for their new AvP Miniatures Game for a couple of weeks now.

The latest news is that the Kickstarter project will launch on November 8th – although the additional news of the involvement of CMoN has caused not a small amount of concern on various forums. It seems, according to various posts on the Dakka Dakka and Lead Avdenture forums,  that previous KS projects that CMoN have been involved with have suffered a number of issues, from product quality to shipping delays and lack of communication. I’ve had no personal experience of this, but it is interesting that Prodos have been very quick to clarify that CMoN will only be handling US distribution, and that Prodos remain in control of the KS project and production.

Only two days before we finally get to see this…

Sulphur cancelled…

90fc7f847879a23ddc39e3e7edaeb005_largeI have been keeping half an eye on the Sulphur KS campaign from Terragnosis ever since they first started posting teaser images.

This project was to produce a new skirmish game, complete with a model range, based in a post-apocalyptic setting. The imagery of the game was very much in keeping with the ‘Mad Max’ films – especially 2 & 3 (Mad Max 2 being my favourite of the trilogy)

For a while things seemed to be going well, but it seems that after the initial burst of backing, funding for the project did not seem to be forthcoming, and Terragnosis have taken the decision to cancel the project. I believe they will now be looking to produce this range in a more limited fashion without the aid of KS funds, but any dates for this are obviously now much more in the future than they had planned.

At a time when crowdfunding is perhaps being seen as a panacea for all wargaming projects, this event perhaps provides a timely warning to companies that it may be the quite the answer they are looking for – at least not in all cases.

War & Empire next from West Wind

war and empireWest Wind Productions have now finished shipping their Empire of the Dead Kickstarter pledges (and very nice they are too!), and so they are free to start their next Kickstarter project. This will be called War & Empire, and is a new range of 15mm Ancients which will be produced via their Forged in Battle historical minis range. Rumour is that a new rule set will accompany this range.

There are a number of painted miniatures on their Facebook page, but final details of the KS start date have yet to be announced.

Ex-Illis Kickstarter?


Do you remember Ex-Illis?

This computer-moderated fantasy miniatures wargame was my favourite game of a couple of years ago.

News was posted on the Forum a few weeks ago that this game is going to be relaunched via a Kickstarter project as a more traditional wargame with a rulebook, plus such changes as allowing proxy models and removing the DRM from their software.

Launch date was supposed to be today (6th November 2013) – but as yet no announcement has been made. Still keeping my eyes open for this one…

3 Comments on Kickstarter Updates…Battle Systems, AvP, Sulphur, War & Empire and Ex-Illis

  1. looking forward to the exillis KS, after playing it a few times I really want to see this game succeed.

    although I blame Neil for getting me into it

  2. It better be good after all the hype on here. :p

  3. I am looking forward to see Exilis back in the saddle. It was an unususal idea with great models.

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