Prodos launches AvP Kickstarter

Midnight saw the launch of the much-anticipated AvP Kickstarter project from Prodos. They have been teasing images of models for a few weeks: now it’s time to see what all the fuss is about:

ca3db84c95d835abead7cb68488ee86b_largeInitial reaction?

To be honest, I am somewhat underwhelmed. Yes the models are nice, but we are looking at a base game price of £75 – that includes the grand total of 15 Aliens, 5 Marines and 3 Predators. OK, you get all the floor tiles and cards, but I’d like to see a close-up of the floor tile artwork – certainly it does not look great in the above shot – and the doors look…well, a bit naff.

OK, the models in the game, if bought as add-ons, are worth £90 on their own. However, I can’t help feeling that this game is somewhat on the expensive side – no doubt due to the licence fee that Prodos has had to pay Fox.

One hour into the campaign, and the project has just about reached it’s £35K funding goal, but with no Early Bird rewards, and what looks like few free stretch goals, I’m already considering giving this a miss and sticking with my current collection of ‘proxy’ models – although it is always tempting simply to get a new set of rules…

5 Comments on Prodos launches AvP Kickstarter

  1. Yes its expensive. No there aren’t / weren’t any Early Birds. No there don’t appear to be any freebie Stretch Goals (yet ??).

    But .. it is AvP !!

    • I’m as big a fan of the AvP franchise as anyone believe me.

      The miniatures in this KS are all going to be cast in resin, which explains the price. (Think Forge World). It’s essentially a ‘Collectors Edition’ of a game that is going to be released with plastic minis. I’m going to keep an eye on it, and probably buy the wargames rules, but doubt if I will be getting much else (maybe some face huggers) – I think I would rather wait for the ‘standard’ game to be released and see how Prodos support the wargame – I doubt whether this is going anywhere.

      In the mean time, I have some excellent proxy figures – both Copplestone’s ‘Future Wars’ and the Woodbine Design Company have excellent Colonial Marine stand-ins, I have 25 – 30 of Eureka’s old ‘Chaos Weasel’ minis (these are even painted!), plus I’ve got one of the original Alien Queen minis from Leading Edge. As for Predators, you have to go a long way to be the Heresy Hrun models – I have 3 of them 🙂

      So, actually I’m pretty happy atm. All this may change of course (I am a wargamer after all!) but for now, I’m keeping my money in my (virtual) wallet.

  2. Kinda highlights what a great deal the various Mantic Kickstarters have been.

  3. I agree I think it is a very expensive game and is probably just a cash mule for Prodos to work on Warzone Resurrection…maybe a tad conspiracy theory esque but a big license like this would be a good way to get a small/new company some community recognition and therefore promoting their other product. Not a bad thing as Warzone is a good game and I hope it succeeds in the future.

  4. Agree with you 100% Neil. I had been waiting for AvP, but I was underwhelmed when it dropped. They seem to be offering little more than a full-price pre-order. I don’t necessary except stupid amounts of stuff from a kickstarter, but I expect something decent for being an early investor willing to cop a long wait. Still many seems to disagree with me from the pledge total and it worked out for me since I just dumped the money I had set aside for AvP into Mars Attack – where mantic was offering stupid deals.

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