Empire of the Dead: Requiem – Wave 1 miniatures now available

requiemkickWest Wind Productions have now finished shipping the Kickstarter pledges for their Requiem project, and they have now posted the initial Requiem figures on their website

This release includes the 79 figures originally proposed in the Requiem release, including London Bobbies, the Supernatural Branch, Vampire Slayers, Brotherhood and Gentlemen’s Club with weapons and Nemo’s crew, along with most of the carriages and vehicles; such as the Gyrocopter, Ornithopter, Time Machine and the Steam Exo-Skeleton.

They have also made several of the KS miniatures available to buy individually.

Other miniatures which were created as part of the project will be available in a second wave, although there is no release date for these yet.

The Requiem KS, although it was West Wind’s first, was a model of how to run a good KS project, start to finish. Not only was the actual KS run well, but everything up to delivery was handled very well too – good communication was the key.

Yes there were issues – the delivery date slipped by approx 3 months, but this was mainly due to the fact that the KS was almost too successful, and Andy ended up having to sculpt twice as many models as he originally intended.

The whole project could have been derailed by a family tragedy, as Wendy’s father suffered a very serious injury after falling off a ladder – but this hardly affected the business, which is a credit to level of commitment and professionalism with which West Wind run their business.

Shipping also took longer than expected: several weeks from start to finish. However, each backer was notified when their parcel was due for despatch, and also again when it had been sent, so although things were running late it wasn’t as if we didn’t know exactly what was going on.

Finally, the goods were not put up for general retail sale until after all the KS backers had received their orders; looking after their investors. I think this is a key part of a KS project, and other companies could learn from this example.

Much kudos to West Wind for an excellent KS project.

1 Comment on Empire of the Dead: Requiem – Wave 1 miniatures now available

  1. Yes, an excellent Kickstarter and superb miniatures. Thanks Andy, Wendy and all at West Wind. I am looking forward to the War & Empire Kickstarter!

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