New free figure & Mentoring promotion for Ex-Illis Kickstarter

8ce405e545a9e404fcde555473fe4376_largeAs part of the Ex-Illis Kickstarter project, being run by Chinchilla Games, the French miniature company Figone are offering a free miniature of the Archduke (see concept art) for every backer at Knight level and higher. I wasn’t previously aware of this company, but even a brief look at their website shows all sorts of beautiful looking figures, so this looks to be a nice add-on.

65ce3a78ce01289f168e58455a58aec6_largeIn addition, Chinchilla are also running a mentoring promotion on the KS until the 20th November. Basically, pledge at Knight level or higher, enter the name of another backer as your Mentor, and you both get a free box set of Daemon Horde figures.


So, pledge for the rulebook and get a free box of figures, as long as you do it in the next 5 days…


6 Comments on New free figure & Mentoring promotion for Ex-Illis Kickstarter

  1. Its not going too well at the moment is it ??

    Unlike AVP ..

    • Moocifer

      With all due respect, I think comparing the kickstarter projects of Ex-Illis (a set of fantasy rules with a limited exposure) and AvP (a multi-million dollar franchise with a 34 year history) is a bit like comparing a football to the moon and happening to mention that the moon ‘is a bit bigger’.


      • Hardly. I merely pointed out that one is not going very well whilst the other is.

        But whilst we’re on the matter of “With all due respect ..” you were overly negative in what should have simply been an announcement that the Prodos AvP Kickstarter campaign had begun. You are not new to such things and cannot claim to fail to realise that quite a lot of freebies would be added as stretch goals to the £75 base box (and pledges beyond).

        So where you have been super excited and upbeat towards Ex-Illis, which after further examination looks rubbish to be honest (and possibly why its own KS is doing so badly and the original game failed in the first place), because you personally love it – you took the opposite tact on AvP after jumping to the wrong (in my opinion) conclusions.

        Before anyone responds please know that I am not particularly a crazy AvP fanboy and in fact unsure if I will actually back the project to the end because my preferred scales is 15mm, and I have plenty of Khurusan stuff already. There is no doubt however that the base offering is just as good value and certainly will be by its conclusion, considering the quality & variety of the figures / poses, as any other tabletop boardgame. No one is forcing you either to purchase the expensive top end extras such as resin terrain or Queen model (when made available).

  2. ” Pledge $60 or more

    Knight (Early adopter) – A copy of the hardcover rulebook with a bonus William Wallace hero miniature + Digital copy of the rulebook. (Shipping is included for Continental US and Canada)

    Limited (264 of 300 remaining)

    Estimated delivery: Jul 2014
    Add $10 CAD to ship outside Canada ”

    That`s £35.66 for the rule book and a fig .sure you get a digital copy but you get that in almost all rules deals round £30 if not a expansion thrown in .so where exactly am i saving money by pledging to this .ok its a fig i can go on most sites like reapers and get a nice fig for £5.66 or less .
    plus if i buy existing rules/fig i get all this now and with less postage .

    sorry man i know you love the game but they just aren’t offering much for my cash .cant see me dragging a friend in on this just to get a box of eight iffy figs .we could order Warlord 2nd Edition Rule Book and a small war-band each of the new reaper bones for that money .and have it within a week or two .

    • Martin

      “so where exactly am i saving money by pledging to this ”

      In this case it’s not about saving money. For many wargamers and boardgamers, it seems that Kickstarter has turned into a “pre order x months in advance and get lots of free stuff” service.

      In this instance, I’m assuming that if the project doesn’t get funded, the rules don’t get published, simple as that. The guys at ChinChilla are all in this part time, and cannot afford to fund this out of their own pockets.

      By the same token, if the project doesn’t get funded, then it shows that there is not sufficient interest in the game to potentially drive future sales anyway, so it’s best not to go ahead with the printing of the rulebook. Yes I love this game, and I’d love to see the Hardback rules for it, but I wouldn’t want to see the guys at Chinchilla potentially lose a lot of money if the whole thing turns out not to be viable. Surely that’s the reason for running a Kickstarter in the first place?

      One way or another, we will have the answer in 20 days time…


      • i don’t pre-order PC games which tend to give you more stuff the more you want to pay and are def coming in in a month or fact i always wait at least a month or two until any issues with the game are out in the open .and isn’t the point of kickstarter meant to reward people for having faith in a project and giving them a bit more for their cash because they have to wait at least six months before they get short you get a kickback .
        i don’t have a problem with kickstarters just the way its turning in a pre order system,were people have to wait crazy lengths of time with very little benefit to the consumer .maybe if it gets more backing you`l start seeing more stuff added. but at the moment a lot just don’t give you that much for your cash .this is just like an offer you`d see on a site for an already existing game.and has no proven staying power.
        I really don’t want to be bringing up the specter of GW ,but people by themselves can pick up their starter set now with a ton of figs for less than twice the price.

        you do bring up some good points about this being a bit of an acid test for the game and it`s future .and that it may well be people like yerself who played the first game and really enjoyed it who will end up backing this kickstarter.we all remember ex-illis and its really short life span before it got into major difficulties and disappeared .and sadly for a lot of people out there that could well be a deciding factor when it comes to parting with cash esp if they don’t see any extra value in funding it .

        i really don’t think company’s should be making any money from kickstarters .it should be more PR than pre order .make people feel excited about what they are getting and they`l go tell their friends and so on .a good percentage of the people who jumped on the first reaper one did so because they were getting a ton of nice figs for very little money.and that’s what pushed it over the edge with cash being thrown at reaper .now were they planing to make much on each offer ? no id say they weren’t going to make much percentage wise .but even if its 5% they made on each $100 pledge that got you masses of figs that’s still loads of great PR among gamers who may not even have known about reaper and 5% of three od million is better than 20% of nothing .

        Personally i want all games to do well regardless of my taste .like with the whole PS4.X-Box1 debate raging still .i have zero interest in buying either console but i still want them both to be good .the more forms of gaming out there the better i say .but ex-illis really needs to get over it`s unfortunate history and get new gamers excited and i cant see it doing that sadly .

        ah who knows maybe it will take off and you`l start seeing some cool goals added which tip it over the edge.

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