Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game – Kickstarter enters final week

2f66afbfab07fa6b411825e2fd7c5951_largeThe Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game Kickstarter project, which is being run by Prodos Games Ltd (from Leamington Spa, UK), is entering it’s final week.

Despite some mixed comments at the start of the project,  the game has proven to be massively popular, with pledges currently in excess of £200K and over 1250 backers.

Prodos have now announced the final stretch goal miniatures they have planned to produce, which include a cloaked Predator, Young Blood Predators, A Power Loader and, of course, the Alien Queen (although, at time of writing, the Alien Queen stretch goal still requires an extra £87K – that said, Kicktraq has the project easily on track for this target)

A couple of arguments that have been raised on several occasions during the project have been the cost of the miniatures, the quality of the other boardgame components and the lack of ‘freebies’.

Whilst the cost of the miniatures do seem to be expensive, the game is highlighted as a limited edition, collectors edition of the game, with all miniatures being produced in hand-poured resin. These minis are generally pretty expensive to buy, so the cost seems in line with this.

On the boardgame components front, we still haven’t seen much of these, so it’s very difficult to comment.

As far as the lack of ‘freebies’ is concerned – well, this moves into a very ‘grey’ area. Kickstarter is about funding new projects, but several companies seem to have turned it into a ‘pre-order x months in advance and get lots of free goodies to compensate the fact that we are taking an x month, interest free loan from you…’ – maybe a bit harsh, but you get my drift.

The trouble is, the companies that have been offering lots of free extras have been changing KS backers expectations, and so other companies now suffer as a result – usually along the line of “X company offered us Y amount of free stuff – if you don’t offer the same why should we back you?” It creates a potentially difficult issue for any company. Looking at Prodos, for example. If they offer a £10 bonus to each backer, that is going to cost the company £12,000+ – quite a big figure, I think you would agree. OK, that’s only 6% of their current total pledge level, but this soon adds up. Currently, Prodos are offering at least £59 worth of free miniatures to their backers – some get even more. which is over £70K worth of stock.

Is this a good deal for KS backers? It depends what you want I suppose, but it doesn’t seem that bad. However, if it still seems expensive, it has to be remembered that a non-collectors edition of this game will be produced next year, so this is not the only chance you will have to purchase this game. In addition, I believe that many of the figures from the KS will be available to purchase later (although not the base game components), though whether they will be at a higher price point remains to be seen.

In the mean time, Prodos are having an open day at their HQ for players to see the game and models first hand this coming Saturday: 23rd November. Details can be found here.

2 Comments on Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game – Kickstarter enters final week

  1. “On the boardgame components front, we still haven’t seen much of these, so it’s very difficult to comment.”

    Agreed. Hopefully the weekend Open Day will address this and also the lack of anything concrete regarding actual gameplay so far too ..

  2. As far as the “pre-order and get free stuff” Kickstarter projects go, I am firmly in this camp, when it’s an already established company (like Mantic). When it’s a brand new company, or a mom & pop operation, then I do not have this expectation.

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