Battle Systems Sci-Fi Modular Terrain Kickstarter project gains 1000+ backers

The Battle Systems Sci-Fi Modular Terrain KS project has just gained it’s 1000th backer.

The project is to produce a pre-printed thick card terrain set in 28mm scale, which is aimed at being usable for most major sci-fi wargames and boardgames, from Space Hulk, Star Wars Miniatures and Project Pandora through to Judge Dredd, Tomorrow’s War, Deadzone and many more.

The ‘sweet spot’ Stronghold pledge will cost £78, and creates the layout above, which is 24″ x 24″, and also includes a host of extra terrain pieces. They also have a ‘Hulk’ pledge for those people who only want to build their corridor systems on a single level (see below)

Whilst this card stock terrain is not to everyone’s liking, it does provide a quick and easy way of creating a huge variety of corridor layouts at a fraction of the cost of similar layouts in MDF, plastic or resin.

The project is due to finish on 1st December 2013, for delivery in May 2014.


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