War & Empire: new Forged in Battle Kickstarter launches at 15:00 GMT

Forged in Battle, part of West Wind Productions, are launching a new range of Ancients in 15mm, under the name War & Empire. The range will cover the Macedonian & Punic Wars. In addition, there will be a new set of rules: War & Empire, plus siege equipment, city walls, towers and gatehouses, not to mention villages, marching camps and lots more…

1 Project Image

This is being launched via a Kickstarter project (which can be previewed here) at 15:00 GMT on Friday 22nd November 2013.

On initial launch, there will be six armies available:

    • Macedonian
    • Carthage
    • Numidian
    • Spanish
    • Gallic Army/British Celts
    • Republican Roman, Punic Wars

More will be unlocked during the course of the KS project, which will include:

    • Skythian
    • Thracian, Illyrian & Getic
    • Early Hoplite Greek
    • Early Achaemenid Persian
    • Late Achaemenid Persian
    • Classical Indian
    • Later Hoplite Greek
    • Macedonian Successors & Hellenistic Armies
    • Later Seleucid
    • Italians
    • Republican Roman, Later (Caesar’s Gallic Wars)

carthage  1The figures look really nice, so I would suggest that this project is well worth a look…

celt heavy cav 2

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