Alien Vs Predator the Miniatures Game: shake it all about

ca3db84c95d835abead7cb68488ee86b_largeI think I’ve been in and out of this Kickstarter project more times than the Hokey Kokey! (although, to be fair, I’ve only cancelled my pledge once)

It’s into it’s final 36 hours, and is currently less than £16K away from achieving the final stretch goal of the Alien Queen – a 120mm high miniatures on an 80mm base for £35 is actually, in my opinion, pretty decent value . The latest achieved stretch goal means that every backer gets a free Alien Praetorian model, which itself is a pretty big model.


I think, for me, the final straw that pulled me back in was the cloaked predators, which are simply really cool.

It will be interesting to see where this project finally ends up – now all we need is for Khurasan for get their resin APC back in stock…


3 Comments on Alien Vs Predator the Miniatures Game: shake it all about

  1. Part of the “fun” of Kickstarter, and why I prefer campaigns that last longer, is the number of opportunities that present themselves to find a reason to change my mind about whether or not to remain pledged.

    Also I find it helps with the “next big thing” problem that so many wargamers suffer from (myself included). So if a project can sustain my excitement & enthusiasm from start to finish I know my interest is deep rooted & genuine, and therefore worthy of my limited time & resources. However if it begins to wain even a little during this period I know that probably I should regain control & resist temptation.

  2. One was in this initially, but the lack of drive from Prodos, and a lack lustre Kickstarter meant that one can wait until its released as a box set and sort other options out.

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