Ex-Illis Kickstarter fails funding target…

60684294b50770bb05e12ac3180ea408_largeThe Kickstarter project for a new rulebook for the Ex-Illis game failed last week, having fallen well short of its funding target. The project had just over $14,000 CAD pledged, but had a target of $50,000 CAD.

The project had lots of initial interest, with the vast majority of it’s backers pledging in the first few days. However, after that the project flat-lined very quickly.

To be honest, when compared to many KS projects being run by miniatures companies, this was something of a lacklustre affair, and it seemed apparent that the guys at Chinchilla were struggling to come up with a ‘Plan B’ to generate more interest once it was evident that the funding goal was in jeopardy. Even advertising on websites like Tabletopgamingnews had little effect.

For fans of the game, it’s a great shame – we can only hope that the project can move forward in some way, maybe a PDF only version of the rules? At least that would save on printing costs…

Or maybe the hobby world has spoken, and there actually isn’t any further interest in this game? Perhaps the stigma attached with the financial problems with Bastion means that people simply will not touch this product for fear of future failure?

8 Comments on Ex-Illis Kickstarter fails funding target…

  1. Kinda sad to see this one fail even if i personally had little interest in it. it`s also bleak to see the way people well fanboy`s throw money at other projects .a good example would be miniwargaming`s dark potential game,which took in over 90k and isnt even really a game more fan backed whim .ot the time they needed $3500 to revamp the studio after GW stomped on their online store .firstly if you cant raise $3500 cd to help your own business (which you`d get back in tax anyway) you shouldn’t be in charge of said business .but no just put the hand out and take in $39.000 of your fans money .fancy more free cash ? hey bring out a kids book or two and ask for another $10.000-20.000.

    While i havent much time for Ex-Illis ,i`d much rather it and a few other games existed than the cynical milking of fanboy`s im seeing more and more of every day i go online.they are little more than leeches sucking the money out of wargamers pockets to line their own and depriving worthy games of the backing they deserve .

    So far MWG has blagged about $150.000 and for what ? a game thats little more than a few starter packs of dodgy mid 80`s looking figures with no real rules as suck and was dead from day one (oh btw they will be asking for even more money shortly to revamp that mess just wait and see) .too give them $39.000 to make a few gaming boards and the same old generic wargaming vids that do nothing but feed idiotic fanboys.then the 10-20.000 for a kids book and i mean a kids book .i know it`s going to be hard but some people need to wake up and relize they have been taken for a ride.

    If Ex-Illis had half the backing those leeches have ,we`d not only have Ex-Illis well over it`s target but another whole game backed to the tune of $75k.

    Fools and their money man 😦

    • Hey, I’m all for any alternative to Kickstarter (me, I’d prefer an end of this crowdfunding/huge marketing masturbation stuff) but having ONE platform for anything is always bad. It’s like everybody’s buying their bread from the same place. Not good.

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