Incoming from the US – oh, shiny!

After months of waiting for it to come back into stock, I have finally got hold of the 28mm version of the Caimen Heavy APC from Khurasan Miniatures.

It’s a hefty bit of resin – and whilst the casting isn’t perfect (which isn’t really too much of a surprised, given the material) the few imperfections could easily be passed off as battle damage.


The front turret needs some cleaning up before it will fit in the available space, hence why it’s not attached.

It’s not a cheap model, costing around $80 (incl. shipping) from the States, but it is VERY nice indeed.

4 Comments on Incoming from the US – oh, shiny!

  1. I have the 15mm version. Its lovely.

  2. looks like it would be easy enough to paint and take a nice bit of weathering 🙂
    time to hunt thru your old decal stash as well man .

  3. This is a pretty chunk of resin. 🙂 Ordering from the US is a bit of a chore but then I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a bunch of 15mm sci-fi stuff from them for a while.

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