Just how big IS your mouse?

Using printed playmats for wargaming seems to becoming more and more popular. As the technology becomes cheaper and more freely available, gamers no longer have to be restricted to pieces of material or felt on which to place their models and scenery – you can go for a much more varied approach.

Recently, Mantic have offered deluxe printed gaming mats for both their games Deadzone and Mars Attacks! I have several of the Deadzone mats, and they are both great looking and good quality. These look rather like giant mouse mats – they are made from similar material.

'Grassy Plains' Mega Matt

‘Grassy Plains’ Mega Mat

Frontline Gaming, from San Diego, are currently running a Kickstarter Project to fund what they call ‘Mega Mats’ – which are crease and stain resistant full colour printed mats of various designs, coming in both 6′ x 4′ and 4′ x 4′ sizes.

Current designs include ‘Grassy Plains’, ‘Blast Zone’, ‘Alpine’, ‘Urban Combat’ and ‘Barren Wasteland’.

Whilst these are not the cheapest solution when looking at surfaces to play miniature wargames on, they look great, don’t they?

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