Small World 2 arrives…

pic428828_t Do you remember Small World?

It’s a light board wargame / area control game from Days of Wonder (actually a re-implementation of the game Vinci)

Back in April of this year, Days of Wonder ran a Kickstarter project to launch ‘Small World 2‘ as a multi-platform computer version of the boardgame.

4e4091ee789a417b12ca79a619043008_largeThis version of the game would not just be available on iPad, but also on Android and PC, and would also include Solo , 2 players Face-to-face mode, Pass’N Play, Local Play and a true Turn-by-Turn asynchronous online mode.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, the Android version of the game was released yesterday to Kickstarter backers. I immediately downloaded it onto my Kindle Fire and it is indeed a thing of beauty. It looks great and plays just like the boardgame. I can see it becoming my most-played app very quickly…


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