Shock News! No more Podcasts until 2014

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things just don’t quite work to plan.

I had hoped to record another podcast episode last night for release before Christmas, chatting about various recent Kickstarter projects and other bits and pieces with Mike Hobbs & Mike Whittaker. Due to work commitments, this was attempted whilst I was staying in a hotel, and completely failed due to the inability of the hotel wi-fi to maintain a Skype connection for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Due to the time of the year, and other commitments, I’m afraid we simply won’t have time to produce another podcast episode this year, my window of opportunity has gone – a bit gutting, but that’s it for this year I’m afraid.

We are currently starting to put together our review of the year, which I am hoping will be available early in 2014.

Apology : Sorry to panic people…I meant 2014, not 2015. A typo…twice.

I’m not taking a year off, honest. Speak to you in the new year…

9 Comments on Shock News! No more Podcasts until 2014

  1. 2015 ?

  2. Alan Charlesworth // December 17, 2013 at 11:19 // Reply

    Now I am really shocked! I have to wait 13 months before my next Meeples fix!
    Happy Christmas Neil to you and your family.


  3. Do you really mean 2015 ??

  4. As the others have already said…2015?
    A year off?

  5. Blimey, I hope that’s a typo.

  6. I’m sure if you all ask Neil nicely he’ll do a couple in 2014 😉

  7. One ‘t’, old chap.

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