Silver Arrow launch new ‘Ambient Soundscapes’ Kickstarter

Following the success of his first Kickstarter campaign “The Wilderness – Soundscapes for Tabletop Gaming”, Scott Morton of Silver Arrow Audioworks has recently launched a new Kickstarter project: Ambient Soundscapes Vol II.

ambient soundscape 2The first project delivered a total of 42, 10 minute tracks. These featured background sounds ranging from Deserted Castles to a Medieval City, from Windswept Heath to and Adventures Tavern, with each track being available with and without accompanying music,  and available in several audio formats including Stereo MP3 and full surround sound. The production quality was very high, and ideal for use as atmosphere music – especially during RPG sessions.

The new project will feature 15 new tracks, but also features a new product;  the Fantasy Soundscape Construction Kit, which will allow the user to create their own unique soundscapes.

The new Kickstarter project is running until Wednesday 26th March. As someone who bought the original set, I’d highly recommend that you take a look.

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