Coming soon: A new way to listen to Meeples & Miniatures…

my_app_image_480_854_160_20140317 (1)One of the (many) things that has changed since the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast started, way back on the 25th January 2007, is the way that people listen to podcasts.

Back then, your choice was simply either to download from iTunes, or from the web. Since then, the smart phone revolution has happened, and it seems that half the world now has access to a multitude of Apps for anything they could ever wish for.

It’s also changed the way that people have access to podcasts – so I’ve decided to bring the show into the 21st Century, and make the show available via an app.

The actual nuts and bolts of doing this is being handled by my hosting service, Libsyn, but I spent yesterday evening putting together a myriad of splash screens of various shapes and sizes – nothing fancy, just lots of screens with the show logo on them.

Everything has now been submitted for build. Apparently the process takes about two weeks, but after that the Meeples & Miniatures podcast app should be available. I’ll update you when it arrives.

6 Comments on Coming soon: A new way to listen to Meeples & Miniatures…

  1. amanandhistoys // March 18, 2014 at 09:03 // Reply

    Seems I’m out of touch then as I just subscribe to the RSS in my podcast app and job done. Good luck with the app.

  2. Yeah – I’m an iTunes user – and it goes straight to my iPhone.

    What I REALLY want is more “edge of the empire” shows… 😉

  3. Argh. I try not to download any apps to my phone at all but I’m weird and seem to have aged to a state of “bah, humbug” way too fast so I just download the shows to my pc each time a new one comes up. 😀 Still, interesting

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