Warbands & Legions on Kickstarter

There is a Kickstarter project running at the moment for an Ancients wargame called ‘Warbands & Legions‘.

4831510dcb91ead418ce76e23c8e0959_largeWhilst I’m currently unconvinced by either the graphic design of the game (It’s OK – just a little too cartoon-like for my taste) or the game itself, what peaked my interest was one of the pledges, which gives you a 4′ x 3′ foam backed playmat for £35.

This looks to be similar to the sort of playmat the Mantic have produced for Deadzone – if it is, then it will be worth a look – especially as it’s size will be ideal for playing many tabletop wargames. It’s also post-free in the UK.

The Warbands & Legions is already funded, and is due to finish on the 31st March, with deliver promised for April.

14 Comments on Warbands & Legions on Kickstarter

  1. Please, no more kickstarters!
    Seriously, there are some interesting projects out there, and I like to see them covered occasionally here on M&M. But please make sure there is at least a bit of quality and reliability behind all this. If someone resorts to crowdfunding in order to produce a paper counter game like the one mentioned, it’s probably not worth it at all. Judging from the overall amateurish quality on display (warped fonts, anyone?) I really wouldn’t want to see the gaming mat. Some neat ideas better reserved for a more professional execution.

    To add some value to this little rant (sorry), here are a few personal highlights regarding gaming mats: If you can’t bring yourself to making a gaming mat (as advertised here: http://tobispaintpot.blogspot.de/2012/10/a-new-horizon-tutorial-for-flexible.html), perhaps Baueda’s service (http://www.dreamsstudio.com/baueda/rtp_terrain.html) is worth a look. Other than that I recently received a very nice, sturdy if plain mat from Deep Cut Studio (http://www.deepcutstudio.com/). And there are possibly many others available elsewhere. In essence, you really don’t need a kickstarter…


    • Tilman

      By all mean rant away!
      I agree with you on the general quality of the KS product – it doesn’t look that brilliant
      Thanks for the extra links – these are always useful…


    • On a separate note, whilst I understand the frustration with the number of Kickstarter projects around, the problem is, from a reporting POV, that KS has become one of the standard ways that wargaming projects are now brought to market, so ignoring them isn’t really an option.

      • First and foremost, of course, I fully appreciate the hard work you’re putting into the podcast (and this site) free of charge. That’s by no means a matter of course, and I’m thankful for each and every episode – even listen to them when I’ve no interest in the subject!

        However, I’m not convinced that KS has done anything for ‘the hobby’ so far other than creating more short-lived hypes and enforcing people’s attitude that they need more things for less money in shorter time. I’ve been told there are still companies that take a risk by supporting games and figure ranges without the back-up of crowd-funding. Actually I prefer these old-fashioned business models since I tend to believe that the people behind have trust in their products themselves. Despite being not yet middle-aged maybe I’m just old-fashioned, too (/grumpy-old-wargamer mode).
        So I’m not arguing to ignore trends or even mainstream perhaps. I’d just like to see ‘the old ways’ covered as well in a widespread approach that I’ve come to love M&M podcast for in the first place. (And as much as I love SAGA or TFL games, I’m sure other brands are still available…)

        Knowing that I’ve got a different view, obviously, I would also love to hear your point of view on KS expatiated on the podcast.


      • Tilman

        The emphasis on KS products is not intentional – neither is the trend towards interviews rather than straight reviews. It’s just something that has happened over the space of the last year. It’s only when you look back that you see the pattern.

        The intention is always to do as many reviews as possible, but if an interview opportunity presents itself, I am sure you can appreciate that I won’t usually turn it down.

        On the KS show front, we do actually have a round table chat planned. We did record one, but it ended up that we couldn’t broadcast it (well, not without risk of being sued!) So we will try again soon.


  2. I am very disappointed. You’re touting a kick starter that doesn’t involve fantasy sports or a post apocalyptic world. Your standards are slipping Neil. 😉 I will admit that recent M&M content hasn’t all been to my taste but then others probably got tired of hearing about CoC and Saga last year.

    Producing content for a regular podcast or publication is difficult and time consuming. I appreciate all the work you put into this Neil. I also listen to each episode (hear that advertisers?) because more than once in the past M&M has sparked an interest in a topic I hadn’t looked at before.

    This round may not be my cuppa, but the next will. So put the kettle on and thanks again Neil.

  3. Thanks for alerting me to this Kickstarter Neil. I have pledged for one of those mats. They look fantastic.

  4. More to the point 😉 where is you podcast on Steve Jackson Game Ogre? a highly successful, though not without some problems, Kickstarter that has brought Ogre back into the limelight.

    Inquiring minds and all that, etc.

  5. “if an interview opportunity presents itself, I am sure you can appreciate that I won’t usually turn it down.”

    Maybe you should turn them down though. After all, an interview is just really free advertising for the KS producer. I’m sure many of your listeners would rather you spend your podcasting time talking about currently available games rather than interviewing producers of games that may or may not be available in a year or so.

  6. It saddens me to read the comments posted here. Elitism has always seem to have plagued the hobby. Neil one of the things I always have enjoyed about your podcast is that you just seem to discuss what you like and avoid what you do not like, whether it was a game from a big publisher or a small start up. Thanks for introducing me to so many games that I love that I never would have heard of if not for you taking to the time to talk or post about it.

  7. Update to this Kickstarter. Fully funded and not delivered. The project manager no-where to be seen or heard from.

  8. This is my first Kickstarter fail. Backed 3 good ones and 1 bad one. 75% success rate.

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