For the love of Dwarves…

Last week, a post appeared on the Meeples & Miniatures Facebook Group about the new Mantic Dawrf Army box, and whether I was looking forward to it.


It has to be said, I’m not a huge fan of Mantic’s Dwarfs. I simply do not like the look. When I think of a Dwarf Army, I always think back to Wayne England’s classic WFB army from an ancient issue of White Dwarf. If you are wondering what I mean, check this blog page out.

For a warband, these days my favourite Dwarf figures are from Hasslefree Miniatures.


When it comes to an Dwarf Army, I have yet to collect and paint one, but if I did, then I would probably go for the old Vendel Miniatures range of Dark Age Dwarfs, which are now being distributed by Sgt. Major Miniatures.


However, after a Kickstarter project last year, Oathsworn Miniatures also have a range of Dwarfs available. Again, these are more in keeping with a warband,  rather than an army, but there are some great looking figures there.


2 Comments on For the love of Dwarves…

  1. avatars of war do some really nice dwarf units ,and i agree about the mantic dwarfs .they really missed a trick there

  2. Yar, I second (or third?) your opinion on the Mantic Dwarfs. I got some of their very first plastic sprues when they were released and the Dwarfs just aren’t for me. The quality wasn’t too good but mostly of all the design is just weird. What’s worse is that they kept the design for their Forgefathers as well.

    Avatars of War’s Dwarfs look pretty okay. Of course they’re made for Warhammer and are kept in the same style

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