Those about to die…

The recent release of Jugula from Studio Tomahawk has once again brought gladiator games into the gaming consciousness.

Whilst Gripping Beast provide a very nice vinyl playmat for this game, there is nothing like playing a gladiator game in a model arena. Up until now, one of the only ones available in 28mm scale (ignoring any toy conversions) is this resin arena from Steve Barber Models.


Whilst it’s a lovely building, at £160 it’s potentially a bit pricey.

However, you now have an alternative. Company Hurtlbat Limited are running a Kickstarter project to create a complete gladiator arena in MDF.

They have several different types available, which are built from modular pieces, so giving you anything from a small round arena to a large square or lozenge-shaped one.




What is more, each arena comes with a choice of etched playing surfaces, which you can simply drop in, so you can have surfaces with etched hexes, or a 8 x 8 square grid (ideal for Jugula) or a 3 x 3 grid (ideal for Red Sand, Blue Sky). You can extra surfaces if you wish, meaning that your arena becomes more versatile.


The arena start at a very affordable price – an unpainted, unassembled round arena is £60 plus shipping – but they are also available assembled and painted (painting & assembly adds £50 to the price)

The Kickstarter project is already funded, ends on the 29th May and is due for delivery in August of this year.

2 Comments on Those about to die…

  1. couldn’t care less .what is the point .
    why would i want to re fight this style of game ? there 1000s of free games that cover this style of really small skirmish game .

    • Such a shame then that you cannot download your own MDF gladiator arena for free then, isn’t it?
      Next time, try discerning the difference between a blog post talking about rules and a blog post talking about terrain.

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