Twilight Struggle goes digital

pic361592_mdTwilight Struggle has been the No.1 Boardgame, War Game and Strategy Game on for some years now.

This is game which seeks to recreate the power struggle between the Soviets and the USA from the end of the Second World War until the break up of the Soviet Union.

I’ve only played the game a few times – its a fantastic game, with a great set of card mechanics. The only down side is that it can be something of a pain to set up, as it’s a large board, and markers have to be placed in various areas to denote influence before the game starts. It can also be quite a long game – lasting up to 3+ hours (although, as the US player, it is possible to lose to the Soviets VERY quickly in the early part of the game)

GMT Games have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a digital version of the game for iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux…and maybe even PS4.

This looks like a great campaign – you can even get expansions for your existing boardgame as part of it.  It’s already massively funded, so hopefully this could be another success in the same vein as Small World 2. Well worth a look.

1 Comment on Twilight Struggle goes digital

  1. What? A Kickstarter project I actually can get behind? Madness!

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