Discovered: A Russian pyramid…

…campaign, that is…
Bashnya or Bust coverToo Fat Lardies have recently released a new campaign book for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, their company level World War II rules: Bashnya or Bust!

Written by Robert Avery, this book follows a similar format to the previous Blenville of Bust title from the same author.

The book presents a full, 5-level, pyramid campaign where each scenario, after the first, is based upon the outcome of the previous battle – giving 31 scenarios in total. These can be played as a campaign in five successive battles, or each scenario can, if you so wish, be played individually.

Whilst Blenville of Bust! was a fictitious campaign based during the battle for Normandy, Bashnya or Bust! moves the action to the Eastern Front, with the campaign taking place during Operation Bagration. It’s worth noting that the German units involved are the same as the previous volume – the author suggesting that poor performance in Normandy has seen the units transferred to the Russian Front as punishment.

Each scenario comprises of an umpire briefing, plus briefings for each player, and the type of scenario varies from a tank battle on an open plain (the very first scenario) to infantry battles in Russian villages.

Though written with IABSM in mind, you should easily be able to use this book with any company-level set of rules (Battlegroup, Flames of War etc) – the forces involved are pretty standard for infantry companies supported by armoured formations, so you should have the vast majority of what you need to play these scenarios already in a company-sized force. The only other thing you will need will be the terrain for the Russian Front, including a number of buildings, as a couple of scenarios take place in a small town.

It’s a great resource,  and can keep you occupied from 5 weeks to 7 months, gaming once a week.

The book is available as a PDF download, priced at £9.50. Well worth a look.

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