Meeples & Miniatures no longer a supporting member of TMP

It’s amazing what you miss when you are offline for ten days…

Whilst I was sunning myself in the Vale of Evesham (yes, it was hot!) it appears that a meltdown of another sort occurred over on The Miniatures Page. I only found out about it after chatting with Mike Hobbs yesterday.

Now, I’ve no wish to recount the situation, but the way that  Bill Armintrout, the editor of TMP, has (to his mind ) sought to resolve the situation leaves something of a sour taste in the mouth. Bill has always stipulated that the bottom line was that TMP was his site, and would be run to his rules. That’s his prerogative – it is his business, after all.

However, I find myself, at the very least, uncomfortable with what has happened and as a result I have cancelled my Supporting Membership of TMP with immediate effect and will no longer be posting news to that site.

10 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures no longer a supporting member of TMP

  1. I read something vaguely weird when browsing facebook a few days ago. Your post made me look into it more closely and I read through the summary therad on frothers. I’m not a 100% sure what exactly is going on but it certainly has a discomforting feel to it to say the least. Now I’m almost glad my e-mails in which I offered to do articles on TMP were never replied to.

  2. Could someone perhaps link to the summary of what has happened please?

  3. I’m watching this with unease, and seeing how/ if it settles. I let my membership lapse last month, and haven’t regretted it.

    A version of events can be found here:

  4. Wow that makes for some uncomfortable reading. I have a few months left on my TMP membership but I will not be renewing.

    But where now to go for the wargames community?

  5. There is a very nice new forum: – looks very promising!
    I ended my supporting membership of TMP after I had my first glance of ‘The Lounge’…

    • The lounge was my “needle that broke the camels back”, what a load of yee haw noise and you have to pay for the right. From what I’m hearing there are a number of us not renewing, I don’t give toss whether Bill is bi curious or has a ladyboy fixation. I just wish he wouldn’t try to bullshit the membership every time he gets caught up in his hypocritical nonsense posts.

  6. EDIT: I just saw that Neil already linked to The Wargameswebsite, sorry for crossposting

  7. Sorry to lose you from TMP, hope you’ll come back someday. If you have any problems with TMP, feel free to talk to me directly, my door is always open.

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