It’s Chain of Command…only bigger!

Too Fat Lardies have just released a free download to supplement their platoon-level World War II rules, Chain of Command:


Up until this point, the forces played in Chain of Command were a platoon, plus some additional support. There have been a growing number of gamers who have been asking if it were possible to play bigger games with these rules.

This supplement is an answer to those queries, and now allows you to play Chain of Command with several platoons a side, and even field Armoured Platoons.

Rules are provided for letting you game with roughly equivalent forces, whilst allowing gamers to select their forces based on real formations, rather than using a system of points. Given the guide provided, not only could you field platoons of tanks and other AFVs, but also recce platoons. They even go as far as to give rules for playing with Tank Aces!

The game can be still be played between two people, but also provides the opportunity for several players to play simultaneously, with each player controlling their own platoon.

IABSM coverUp until this point, I Ain’t Been Shot Mum has been the ruleset that TFL have provided for playing company level actions in World War II. With this release, you now have a choice of playing a company sized action using either IABSM or Chain of Command.

I must admit, I do much prefer Chain of Command, so IABSM will now probably be left to playing those larger, multi-company engagements – Chain of Command would now seem to fulfil most of my day-to-day requirements for World War II gaming.

Highly recommended.

You can download Big Chain of Command from the Too Fat Lardies blog.

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