Spotlight on…Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter

Last year I backed a Kickstarter project from UK Company Battle Systems to produce a set of high quality card stock modular terrain suitable for Sci-Fi gaming:

image01-sfThe result, which was delivered a few weeks ago, was very well produced indeed, and allows you to produce some fantastic multi-level layouts for a fraction of the cost it would be to build these sets in resin or MDF, with the added advantage of not requiring painting either – expect to see examples of this scenery turning up on the pages of this blog in the future.

What stood out for me during this whole project was the level of engagement and communication that Battle Systems had with their customers. They kept everyone informed of exactly what was going on at every step. In short, one of the best organised and run Kickstarter projects that you are likely to see.

However, no sooner had the sci-fi terrain been shipped, but Battle Systems launched a new Kickstarter project. Similar to their last project, this time the scenery is for Fantasy Dungeon Terrain.

bs fantasy 2

As you can see, similar but different.

The project funded in 13 minutes, and at time of writing the total pledge amount stands at just over £96,000 – and there are still 15 days to go.

As well as the basic dungeon layout, several add-ons have already been funded, including a mine

bs fantasy 6

A Great Hall

bs fantasy 3

and even some sort of mystic portal, which looks strangely familiar…

bs fantasy 4

Future stretch goals would appear to include sewers…

bs fantasy 5

This looks to be an ideal scenery set, not only for those people who want a dungeon crawl or an RPG setting, but also as an historical castle setting for medieval games (imagine Robin Hood or King Arthur fighting in the halls) or perhaps you could use it as a dark, brooding castle for you games of Gothic Horror. With the sneak preview of the sewers, maybe you could even use this as a setting for underground Victorian London?

bs fantasy 2The basic Dungeon Pledge costs £78, and gives you all the scenery shown here, plus several addition add-on sheets that come free as part of the kickstarter (extra walls, room items and even a double door with a portcullis)

Add-ons such as the Great Hall and the Mine could take your spending close to £100, and I’m sure that the sewers would come in most useful too.

This may seem like a lot of money for printed card, but again I would stress that it is a very good quality product, and a similar layout in MDF, plastic or resin would be far more expensive.

The project is due to deliver in July 2015.

You could wait until then to buy this product, but Battle Systems are actually offering a very good deal as far as extra free ‘stuff’ that you get as a bonus for backing the project, so if you think this may be useful, it’s worth looking at backing this now. I’m very pleased with the quality and look of the Sci-Fi set, and assume this will be of a similar ilk.

You can find out more about this project on the Battle Systems Kickstarter pagebs fanasy 1

1 Comment on Spotlight on…Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter

  1. Communication is a key part of Kickstarters. So many otherwise “OK” kickstarters need better communication.

    So many sins can be forgiven if they just communicated better.

    I say this as KS backer of 20+ projects.

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