Small Imagi-Nations?

520We’ve just finished recording episode 133 of the Podcast, which features a review of Donnybook, a set of skirmish rules for the 17th & 18th Century, written by Clarence Harrison and Barry Hilton, and published by the League of Augsburg.

During our review, we discussed the fact that these rules would be ideal for an imagi-nations type game, and so after the recording finished I went looking for some suitable miniatures for a couple of armies, thinking that I could use the Wargames Factory 28mm plastic box sets as a relatively cheap starting point.

I was surprised to discover that a new range of official League of Augsburg miniatures has just been released by Pendraken Miniatures. As well as these ‘official’ miniatures, many of their other renaissance figures would also be suitable.

Pendraken produce some excellent figures in 10mm, and these look very nice indeed – what is more, given the size of the packs, it would be perfectly possible to build two armies to battle each other using these rules for approx. £20 – £30 (splitting packs in half to give figures for both sides).

If you wanted some buildings, you could look at the range from Magister Militum as a starting point

Given that the original Donnybrook game is aimed at using 28mm minis on a 4′ x 4′ table, you could play the game on a 2′ x 2′ table, and reduce all ranges to centimetres.

A new game for a pretty small outlay – very tempting indeed…

4 Comments on Small Imagi-Nations?

  1. A-HA! Now we’re talking.17th century, 10mm. This is how the gentleman gamer plays. Seriously though, 10mm is painfully underrepresented. Very much looking forward to see what you’re doing with it. And of course to the Donnybrook review!

    One word on terrain: I recently finished my N-Scale model railroad houses I originally bought for 10mm Pike&Shotte – and they just look way too large I’m afraid. They are in scale with 10mm figures but just look way too big on the table. To be honest, they even look big along with 15mm figures. The trappings of perception of scale and such on the table.

    • So would you suggest I look at 6mm buildings instead?
      Most of my other scenery in this scale I actually use for my 6mm games (Hedges, trees, walls etc) so could everything be used in both scales?

  2. I’d use 6mm, buildings are not really used in Donnybrook anyway so use what you have
    or buy these fantastic for a band of civilians

  3. My current theory (thus takern with a grain of salt) is that made-for-wargaming buildings for smaller scales are automatically a bit smaller than they should be (strictly speaking. So for example 10mm scale buildings aren’t really 1/150th scale but smaller than that and so on).

    Donnybrook I think is a skirmish game in which 1 model represents one man in which case of course the “right” scale looks more proper than for a game in which a model represents 15 to 20 men. This is the problem I ran into with my 10mm Pike&Shotte armies. ( ).

    Just to be sure I would suggest just getting the 10mm scaled buildings Pendraken sell if you want any. I went with the model railroad stuff and it looks a wee bit too big. I suspect Pendraken’s buildings to be a fair bit smaller.

    Hedges, trees and walls I think should work for both scales. (if Warlord Games sell repackaged 1/72th scale walls for their 28mm scale figures the 6mm walls will work with your 10mm figures 😉 )

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