Mikes new project – Part 1 (The Intro)

DSCF0345 - CopyPodcast host Mike Hobbs talks us through his new wargaming project. 

Wargamers come in lots of different flavours, some are fixated on a single period and/or scale, some are happy playing games only in a specific genre, some are into painting and terrain building more than playing, and some (like me) are real butterflies and will happily play any game that takes their fancy at the moment.

But there is one thing that unites all wargamers and that is the thrill they get when they start a new project.

Come on we’ve all done it, something will grab our attention and the next minute we are ordering new figures and rules and clearing out space for the latest whim. Sometimes we actually finish a project before the next flight of fancy comes along, but to be completely honest that doesn’t always happen and I’m sure most of us will have a secret stash of half-finished projects hidden away.

pic1I know I do, trust me you don’t want to see my collection of half-finished stuff, or maybe you do…

OK let’s move on, over the last few years I’ve been making a conscious effort to trim down my excesses and concentrate on the games and periods I actually enjoy playing and it has been a huge success. I’ve managed to get rid of loads of odds and ends and I now have playable armies for all of the main periods I game and this means it’s possible for me to dip into my cupboard of shame and paint up some of the ancient lead that’s hidden away.

This is something else I’ve noticed, in the past I would happily spend months painting up large armies, but recently I find I get bored really easily so now I tend to rotate my painting by just picking the odd unit from the stockpile I have and expanding the armies I have finished (if any army can be considered finished)

This all means that I have really cut down on my purchases and of course it has meant I’m not starting something new every 5 minutes. Now there were many things that made me start a new project, sometimes it would be a rule set that I found interesting, sometimes it was the release of a new range of miniatures and sometimes it would be the sight of a demo game that I would see at one of the major shows. Anyway something would get me interested and I’d run off and look at ways I could scratch that particular itch, but that was the old me, the new me is more controlled and I don’t do things like that anymore, or do I?.

Maybe it’s time I gave into the monkey on my back and just did something new, I think it’s time to start a new project, but what could I do?

Well dear reader, there is one game I’ve always fancied doing, but the 3 things I need to do it properly (rules, figures and terrain) were never in place at the same time, so the project never got started. I’d think about often but I never started it, but now I think it’s do-able so maybe I should just bite the bullet and get on with it.

When I mentioned this idea to Neil (or Dear Editor as he’s affectionately known around here) he said “oh that sounds good, why not write a series of articles covering your progress that I can post on the blog” I’m sure this wasn’t just a ploy to help him meet the ‘3 articles a week’ pledge he foolishly made a while ago but I agreed and so this is the first of those articles.

I’m guessing by now you really want to know what I’m intending to do, what mammoth task I have set myself to achieve over the next few months. Well it’s not that big a task really, I just want to run a small skirmish campaign set in the universe of the classic 70’s TV show Blake’s 7

So tune in next time when I’ll tell you why I want to do this and what my plans are, trust me it’ll be good


8 Comments on Mikes new project – Part 1 (The Intro)

  1. I’m looking forward to this. I have a similar itch, that has not fully grown into a project. This is going to be interesting.

  2. Commander Roj // September 23, 2014 at 15:26 // Reply

    I have also been sorely tempted by Crooked Dice & CP models B7 inspired minis. However, I rigidly sticking to my no 28’s rule. I struggle badly to get them painted and I can’t see myself doing any terrain in 28mm. I’d pay over the odds to see such a range in 15mm. But I will watch Mikes project avidly!

    • go on, give into temptation, you only need a few figures to do this *cue evil laugh*

    • Commander Roj // September 23, 2014 at 18:06 // Reply

      I ordered Pulp Alley today, despite being tempted by Five Parsecs From Home (Maybe later). Two things deter me from buying any more 28’s. Painting time and scenery. I will be particularly intrigued to see what scenery you use, although if games can be set in the BBC sandpit or that old chalk pit the BBC used near my childhood home in Bedfordshire, maybe scenery isn’t a deterent.

  3. Looking forward to reading more about this. Will you use Pulp Alley for rules?

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