Next Podcast episode slightly delayed…

Due to a somewhat full weekend (first college course study weekend, plus an NFL game at Wembley) and some prior commitments (finishing column and reviews for Miniature Wargames magazine) the next episode of Meeples and Miniatures will be delayed by a few days, as I haven’t finished editing it yet…


1 Comment on Next Podcast episode slightly delayed…

  1. Mervyndouglas // October 5, 2014 at 11:03 // Reply

    Oh that’s right rub in that you were one of the lucky 83000 plus that saw the Fish squish the Raiders at Wembley…
    Good to chat yesterday Neil, any chance of seeing some of your 6mm encounters on the Sword & Spear forum? I take your point about the massed effect and I’d love to see how it looks with these rules…of course rumour has it that 6mm are much easier and quicker to paint than other scales;)

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