Mikes Blake’s 7 project – part III, Campaign setting and rules?

ByNZm2YIcAA0iRNPodcast co-host Mike Hobbs continues his series on his latest wargaming project…

I finished off the last article by talking about what kind of games I wanted to play in this project, I think it’s safe to say that any games will be gang sized or small skirmish level games, just simply because the show had no real budget and you only really had a handful of people in a scene at any one time. This actually makes things a lot easier as I don’t have to worry about mass battles or anything like that, but I do have to consider the thorny issue of how I handle the campaign as that is key to this project.

The campaign itself is probably the thing that’s giving me most headaches at the moment as there are a few ways to manage it, I could just do a simple set of linked scenarios where each game has a set of objectives but where the results of each wouldn’t really affect the actual story arc, this would be the simplest as I would only need one player to run the good guys and I could play the Federation or whatever aliens the crew bump into during the game. Alternatively I could try to play a more open campaign where the results of any game have an effect on the story line, or I could even introduce a map system and allow the player or players to decide what their next mission is and where they would strike next.

I really want the campaign to somehow follow the story arc in the series so what I really need to do is to pull out key moments from the series and plan a bunch of scenarios around those moments. This does raise another small issue with the fact that the series had 4 seasons and the cast did change and ‘shock horror’ cast members did die in some episodes. So maybe I should handle it in the same way that the script writers did and do 1 season at a time and break up the campaign into more bite sized sections.

But I still need a set of rules that will be open enough to fit into the Blake’s 7 universe and that I can use as a vehicle for playing the games, so what rules do I use?

There are a few alternatives that I could go for and each has its own pros and cons;-

First up I could go for 7TV by Crooked Dice, this is the obvious choice as it’s a game set up to play cult TV show style shows and it even has a B7 supplement that’s free to download, the downside is I haven’t played it so I’m not sure what kind of game it gives. Another strong contender is Pulp Alley, this is a really adaptable game that I am familiar with but my main concern is would it give the Blake’s 7 feel that I want the players to get. A third option is the Judge Dredd miniatures game by Mongoose publishing, this does have a few things going for it as I know the rules and it does handle experience in a very nice way.

So far this whole project has been a bit of a paper exercise but in the background I have actually done something which will help me get the project moving. Yes being a natural wargamer I’ve brought some figures, and when I say figures I mean this lot

Crooked Dice’s Future Freedom Fighters:


Their Federated Security set:


And finally these 2 baddies:


Well that’s a good start I’m sure you’ll agree, BTW if you can’t work out what they are you really shouldn’t be reading these articles

Right my next course of action is to work out which set of rules to use and for that I’m going to write a simple scenario and play it using all 3 sets of rules to see which one is the best. This might take a while so in the next article I’m going to talk about terrain and hopefully show you some pics of the figures I’ve ordered

1 Comment on Mikes Blake’s 7 project – part III, Campaign setting and rules?

  1. Commander Roj // October 9, 2014 at 10:00 // Reply

    I was looking at Ainsty products for a Salute project the other day. Their refinery pieces are perfect for B7. Looking forward to seeing some test games.

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