What do you do with those odd few figures you’ve got lying around…?

…why, create a warband of course!

open combat cover

There has been a new set of miniature wargaming rules launched this week (well, it was actually soft-launched at the Derby show last weekend). These are Open Combat from Second Thunder.

They have been written and created by Carl Brown (@athousandhats on Twitter), whose name may be familiar to some as he used to work for Games Workshop back in the day.

These rules are designed for small warband skirmish – think 5-10 figures a side – on a 2′ x 2′ board. So far, not much different from what we’ve seen before…

…however, these rules are designed to be used with a completely open system, which means they can be used for any pre-gunpowder period, whether historical or fantasy. It’s been designed as a system without limits – to quote from the rulebook:

OC warbandOpen Combat has been written to be as flexible as possible with regards to warband creation and so imposes no restrictions or limitations during warband construction.

In our own games we simply build warbands to suit our own perception of what the particular models represent and what we feel they should be capable of on the tabletop…

…This is your chance to make your elves, dwarfs, Roman legionaries or Celtic fanatics as fast, skilled or tough as you think they should be. It’s your warband, you build it the way you want to

It’s a really interesting design concept, and a good, well written, set of rules to boot (as well as looking great).

I got chance to speak to Carl for half an hour or so at Derby (along with his ‘partner in crime’ on Open Combat: Gav Thorpe) – he’s a thoroughly nice guy with a huge amount of enthusiasm for the hobby – his ideas and plans for this system are pretty exciting!

I’m hoping to get Carl (and maybe even Gav) on the podcast to chat about these rules sometime in November. In the meantime, you can purchase the rules for the bargain introductory offer of £7.50 from the Second Thunder website.

It does mean, however, that I have a new game to play with all those odds and ends of figures which were about to go on eBay…

2 Comments on What do you do with those odd few figures you’ve got lying around…?

  1. Interesting. Seems to cover pretty much the same ground as SoBH. Always good to have one or two of this kind of game on the shelf in case you’re bored to tears with painting one project and slip in some random figures just to shake things up. And once you’ve got them done you can actually play with them using this kind of rules set. 🙂

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