New ‘Pint-sized’ campaign supplement for Chain of Command

Copy%20SmallToo Fat Lardies have just released a new campaign supplement for Chain of Command.

“29, Let’s Go!” is concerned with the fighting which took place immediately after D-Day; in this particular instance the clash between the US 29th Infantry Division and the 352nd Infantry Division of the German Heer as the former advances to seize the bridge at Isigny.

This is a 32-page PDF supplement. The first half give a complete background to the campaign, setting the scene using several maps and an engaging description of the fighting immediately after D-Day.

The second half of the book concentrates on the actual campaign. You have specific force lists for this book (including any special rules), five scenarios with colour maps, plus umpires notes for each scenario and the campaign as a whole.

At The Sharp End coverThis supplement is designed to be used in conjunction with At The Sharp End – the campaign rules for Chain of Command, so not all the rules required to run this ladder campaign are presented in this book – rather you will need to refer back to ATSE for several key components.

“29, Let’s Go” is a great addition to the range of supplements for Chain of Command, and is very good value indeed at a mere £3.50 (the price of the aforementioned ‘pint’).

I understand that this is the first of a number of these supplements that are planned. This one will give the average gamer several evenings worth of entertainment – very much worth the cost.

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