The show that never was…


Well, it’s only happened to me once before in my podcasting career.

I came to start editing the next podcast (we recorded the show last week) only to discover that the file did not exist.

My recording software claims it exists…


…however, when I try to access it, nothing.

It looks as if it attempted to save a file with a ‘:’ in the name, which is, of course, invalid. As a result, it looks like the save didn’t work – it just didn’t bother telling me about it at the time.

…which is a shame, because, though I say it myself, it was a really good show. Mark was a great guest, and we had my regular gaming opponent; Dave Luff, back on the show for the first time in about 4 years – we had a round table discussion which was interesting and insightful (well, I enjoyed it)

To say that I’m gutted is a bit on an understatement.

So, what now?

Well, we’ll obviously have to find another date to record with Mark. In the mean time, I’ll look at putting out some alternative material in the next few days

Sorry chaps…


7 Comments on The show that never was…

  1. This probably won’t help, but occasionally when I’ve saved an image, I find it’s been saved with a bizarre file extension and not suprisingly my image browser software won’t recognize it. But if I change the file extension to a more typical one, voila! The image is there as it should have been all along (and effectively was). Now from what you’ve described, you don’t have any file showing up at all? Absolutely nothing to work with?

  2. So nothing in your file manager at all or is it just the editing software that won’t see it? If a file exists even if unreadable in Windows/Mac, most Unix/Linux heads should be able to pull some data out of it.

  3. Sounds grim. As a quick exercise, see if you can change the file extension to the type you’d expect. Then wait for the miraculous file size to be restored…(just don’t hold your breath!)

  4. Mervyndouglas // November 16, 2014 at 14:36 // Reply

    Oh no Neil, how exasperating. Bet you said “Fiddlesticks” or something like that!
    Maybe Snowcat’s suggestion will work…fingers crossed!

  5. Shame to hear it, but I really look forward to the re-recorded show now. Best thing would be to try to forget about the disappearance of the first file and not get too angry about it. Keep in mind that all your hard work is valued.

    Looking forward to the show. I really enjoy well-informed general banter about wargaming.

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