Fallen Frontiers Reboot launches on Kickstarter

ARES REBOOT CARTELScale models have launched their Kickstarter for a new sci-fi skirmish game: Fallen Frontiers.

Anuncio bitsie

From Scale Games:

Fallen Frontiers is a 35mm sci-fi wargame that focuses on heroes and resources.  Our goal is to make a game where instead of having to constantly buy a ton of miniatures, you instead assemble a small core force (10-20 miniatures) and then deploy heroes which change the dynamics of your units and army. By simply swapping out who is leading your forces you can then customize the way the game plays. The game also has a focus on resource collection, where you capture specific points on the map to collect Krithium (a previous mineral) which you can then spend on playing cards from your deck which change the gameplay.



Anuncio Fink

The models are somewhat larger than 28mm (or even 32mm ‘heroic scale’ figures) being 35mm tall, or 1/48th scale. They will be produced in resin. The figures that they have produced for the promo pictures and initial KS video look very nice indeed.


Anuncio TARKO

Having only just launched, the KS project is already funded, so it’s stretch goals from here on in.

The KS funds an initial box set, with extra factions and units coming as the campaign progresses. Add-ons already include several units for each faction, plus a vehicle.

There are a growing number of faction-based sci-fi skirmish games on the market these days, so competition is tough. Some may suggest that this game, with slightly larger miniatures than ‘standard’ 28-32mm, is taking a risk.

That said, it looks like it’s got some interesting ideas, and I will be keen to see how it progresses over the course of the campaign.

Oh, and an alpha version of the rules is available for download from the KS page.



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