Terrain building underway…

The fastest brush in the west?

Following the news I posted a couple of weeks ago about our new purpose-built gaming table, courtesy of Mr. Luff, we are now going through the process of ensuring we have enough terrain for our various games (In three scales, 6mm, 15mm & 28mm).

It helps that in the course of my sorting out, I’ve come across the odd tree…
– just a note to scale this collection, that’s an 18L ‘Really Useful Box’ that they are in. We have about 50…

I found some resin trunks that I bought along with the trees. These aren’t finished yet (need drybrushing and finishing with static grass), but this starts to give an idea of what these will look like when done
In the mean time, we started work on the the basing for the hedges, which we are hoping get somewhere near done this week…

The fastest brush in the west?

The fastest brush in the west?

2 Comments on Terrain building underway…

  1. John Sharman // November 19, 2014 at 18:00 // Reply

    Neil & Dave,
    Good to see you are hard at work. I need to have a terrain building purge as I have realised that my terrain has been neglected over the years. Good terrain can make all the difference and enhance figures. But how many of us concentrate almost exclusively on paintng figures and put off terrain building? Any tips for bocage in 15mm scale?

    John Sharman

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