The great ‘Meeples & Miniatures sell-off’ continues – opportunity to own rare painted minis!

I’m continuing with my ‘wargaming project streamlining’…otherwise known as selling off all that stuff which I now know I have little or no chance of ever getting near a gaming table.

This time around it includes primarily stuff for Blood Bowl, as I will not be playing this game again anytime in the foreseeable future (not when Dreadball is available to play) and Firestorm Armada, which was one of those ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ projects.

The Blood Bowl auctions include a couple of rare treats, as I’m actually selling two fully painted teams (as anyone who listens to the podcast will know, miniatures painted by my own fair hand are currently few and far between)

$_57The full list is:

Painted Blood Bowl Dwarf team

Painted Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf team

Blood Bowl 2nd Ed. ‘Astrogranite’ pitch

Heresy Football Ogre

Heresy Football Boris

Heresy Football Barbarian

Heresey Football Human

Hasslefree Football Jo

Hasslefree Football Danni

Hasslefree Football Kalee

Blood Bowl plastic Dwarfs (6)

Blood Bowl Plastic Elves (16)

Blocking Dice

The Firestorm Armada stuff comprises of Terran and Dindrenzi starter fleets, with carriers and escorts

terranTerran Alliance starter fleet

Terran Carrier

Terran Escorts

Dindrenzi Federation starter fleet

Dindrenzi Carrier

Dindrenzi Escorts

Civilian Ships

Firestorm Armada rulebook and cards

other items include

Die-cast 1/48th scale Hanomag 251/C (boxed)

Die-cast 1/48th scale Hanomag 251/C (unboxed)

Osprey – US Torpedo Boats

Osprey – French Poilu, 1914 – 18

I think there are a couple of bargains to be had…

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