‘To The Strongest’ Ancients rules released

To The StrongestSimon Miller has just released his new set of fast-play Ancients rules: ‘To The Strongest‘.

No measurement. No Dice.

The game is designed as an introduction-level game of ancient warfare, but with enough challenge for seasoned players.

It is played on a table with a square grid layout, which means that not only is movement fast, but it is also possible to play using figures that are based for different systems, and frontage is less important. In this respect it works much more like a boardgame rather than a traditional wargame.

Depending upon the size and scale of the units involved, the game can be played on anything from a 60cm x 40cm table to a 240cm x 180cm table. The recommended size is a 180cm x 120cm table with a 15cm square grid, using approx. a dozen units a side.

Both initiative and combat use a deck of playing cards, which means that the system is completely diceless.

The game is designed to be scalable, so you can play it with 2 players, or play a large multi-player game with equal ease.

The rules are available from the BigRedBat shop, and are priced at £9.99.  Free army lists are also available to download.

1 Comment on ‘To The Strongest’ Ancients rules released

  1. am planning a game of this in a few weeks will report back

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