New Lardies project – Afghan Village

If you follow the blog associated with Too Fat Lardies, you will already know all about this, but just in case you missed it…

Over the last couple of weeks, Richard Clarke has been writing some blog articles on his current project, which is to create an Afghan village for playtesting the forthcoming Modern variant of the Chain of Command rules: Fighting Season.

Though not yet complete, it’s a great set of articles on how to create a village from scratch:

Operation Afghan Village – A Project Begins

Operation Afghan Village – Part Two

Operation Afghan Village – Part Three

Operation Afghan Village – Part Four

Operation Afghan Village – Part Six (Whatever happened to Part Five?)

Operation Afghan Village – In Search of Camel Sh*t Brown

Operation Afghan Village – Yet More

Operation Afghan Village – Round-up

BTW – it seems that I may be keeping my HLBS 40mm Brits, US and Afghans after all…

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