VFftV without the ‘VAT talk’

It’s been brought to my attention that some listeners are not altogether happy that Henry and I start the latest VftV episode talking about the new EU VAT law, and it’s potential effect on the hobby.

Whilst this is a very relevant subject, I agree that tax law may not be the most interesting of subjects for everyone.

Therefore, if you wish to listen to VftV, but want to avoid all the chat about tax, then simply start listening at 40:00 into the podcast.



10 Comments on VFftV without the ‘VAT talk’

  1. Well, I live in what Mr Clarke calls “The Fourth Reich” and I am directly affected by what this does to his business model as I can no longer auto-download PDFs from the TFL website. The same will apply to all UK-based sellers of PDFs. That alone makes it very relevant to wargamers to learn more about the new law, interesting or not.

  2. Alan Charlesworth // January 2, 2015 at 15:41 // Reply

    Well I guess you can’t please everyone. But I found it interesting. I suppose you could offer all unhappy listeners a full refund of the purchase price of the podcast 🙂

  3. Brian Parker // January 2, 2015 at 22:22 // Reply

    Hi Chaps,

    I’m ok with it and indeed felt it was relevant considering the amount of small PDF publishing on the internet these days that is related to the gaming theme of the podcast.

    For a 3 hour podcast I felt it was no problem. Go forward if it’s not of interest.


  4. Interesting & a good heads-up on an important issue to digital purchasers. The same people who were not happy about the VAT discussion will likely be the first ones complaining about price increases caused by additional admin costs.
    Being motivated enough to let you know that they weren’t happy Neil,
    over a free product, that they have the ability to bypass the “offending” content! What a nerve!


  5. I agree, your podcast, your topics. This one is especially important. I’d say ignore people who are unable to skip some minutes and go on talking about important as well as entertaining stuff.

  6. What these guys say.

  7. Commander Roj // January 3, 2015 at 23:22 // Reply

    I can’t believe there have been complaints, it wasn’t even the whole podcast! I enjoyed it thanks.

  8. Personally, I felt the VAT talk was helpful and informative. I’ve only heard about the law in passing (living about as far away from the EU as you can get), so getting the disgusting detail really did bring me up to speed.

    As for people who just want to jump ahead, how about publishing some time stamps for each segment with the episode? A bunch of other podcasts do this and it seems to work well with shows that are made up of fairly distinct segments and discussions.

  9. …and people can’t just skip that bit they don’t care for? 😀 Baffling. Reminds me of these thoughts I recently heard about a “society of indignation”. First thing people do is complain and expect the other side to fix things for them rather then just skipping some bit from an audio file they don’t like. It’s like you’re watching TV and don’t like the program you don’t switch to another of the 200 billion something channels but instead you take the time and campaign against the programme that is broadcast. Very weird.

    Anyway, I found it interesting and this very well might affect me in the years to come (not only as a consumer, mind you). I think that the EU is an immense and important step for Europe, but this one is a baaad move. It’s cool that they want to get to Amazon, Google, Apple and so on, but this is a very counterproductive step I think.

  10. Totally agree with what the previous chaps said. I’m very grateful to Henry for bringing the subject up as it’s the first I heard of it and I am listening to the podcast over a month into 2015.
    It really is of concern to to anyone in our hobby as it will impact both the products available and price. We are moving into 3d printing of items, and if this new VAT scam is allowed to continue in its present form, you can kiss goodbye to a lot of digital downloads in that area. It’s even worse if they intend to hit mail order generally.
    Right glad I got that off my chest, keep up the good work !

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